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Your spotlight on local services

Current Surveys

Part of the work of Healthwatch Thurrock is to gather actual voices, opinions and experiences of residents using and accessing services.  To do this, we use a range of methods including talking to people face to face and using surveys.  Some of the surveys are targeted to groups of people, some are for the general public.  All the data we capture including what people tell us is confidential and we use this to inform local providers on how services should be developed, improved or learnt from.

We currently have a survey focusing on two areas:

Brighter Futures - This is children's services including preventative support and Children's Centres.  We would very much like it if you could let us know what your experirences are.  All surveys are completely confidential.

This is for anyone who have used Children's Centres or Preventative Services to support children and families.

Please let us hear your voice by completing the Brighter Services survey below.

 Brighter Futures Survey

 Looked After Children - we are carrying out some work around Looked After Children and the Carers and Professionals that support them. 

We have a survey for Carers, Professionals and for Children / Young People.  Along with the surveys we are holding a focus group to talk directly to children / young people to explore more about their experiences of being in care.  All surveys are confidential.

We really appreciate it every time people complete a survey as it helps to give a fuller picture of what is going well and what needs improving. 

Looked After Children - Survey for Children

Looked After Children - Survey for Professionals

Looked After Children - Survey for Carers





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