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Your spotlight on local services

Sign up to your Patient Participation Group

What does a PPG do?

At its simplest, a PPG is patients and GP practice staff working together to help improve services at the surgery.

How do PPGs help Improve services?

  • They improve communication between the practice and patients;
  • They let staff understand how patients view the services at the practice;
  • They help the practice decide on what service priorities are most important to patients;
  • They give patients a forum to discuss ideas and suggestions.

A PPG is not:

  • A forum for complaints or personal medical issues; there is already a procedure in place to deal with these;
  • Meant to be run by practice staff. The practice will help support the PPG as much as it can, but the PPG really needs to be self-organising and led by patients.

How does a PPG benefit patients?

  • PPGs allow patients to gain a better understanding of the practice and what it does behind the scenes;
  • They allow patients to share their ideas and suggestions for developing services;
  • They allow patients to voice concerns about the workings of the practice (but are not a forum to raise personal concerns or divulge private medical information).

How does a PPG benefit practices?

  • PPGs can help practices decide on their health priorities;
  • They can help provide advice and insight from the perspective of patients;
  • They can improve communication between patients and staff.
  • They can help build relationships between GP practices and patients, creating a strong patient stake in the practice.

Would YOU like to influence the development of local GP services? If so we want to hear from you.  This is a voluntary role however training will be given and you will be supported throughout your PPG journey.

Email admin@healthwatchthurrock.org with your name, your surgery, email and phone number and we will get back to you.

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