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There are a large number of services and facilities in place to help support you and your child when ill. This can lead to some confusion around which service would be best to go to for advice, guidance and treatment.

Essex Child Health App

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In Essex, the five CCGs (including Thurrock CCG) have worked together to create a new app which offers advice and information on common conditions and illnesses that affect children. The new NHS Essex Child Health app has been designed to give parents, grandparents and carers across Essex NHS advice at their fingertips, to help look after their children’s health and recognise when they are unwell.

For more information on the app, including how to download it, please visit the NHS Essex Child Health app section  on Thurrock CCG website.


NHS Website

The NHS website has a dedicated webpage that is designed to guide you to the best possible service locally and therefore helping you to select the most appropriate treatment option available.

We have also designed a leaflet to support you in making decisions about where to go for care. The leaflet gives a list of common illnesses and points you towards the best service to help with treatment and management of symptoms. Click the link below to download the leaflet: 

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Download the Leaflet 

If you have any doubt about where you should go for urgent care, you can call NHS 111. The call handler will ask a number of questions to help direct you to the most appropriate service for your needs. 

If your child’s condition deteriorates seek medical advice immediately.


Information Sheets for parents

NHS organisations in Mid and South Essex have come together to provide a guide to three common childhood health issues that parents can use to self-treat, visit their GP, or call NHS111 and know what to do in an emergency. The three illnesses are:


Living Well in Pregnancy Guide

The Mid and South Essex Sustainability and Transformation Partnership (STP) has put together a guide to help you through pregnacny. It promotes wellbeing and healthy lifestyles right from the start and what to do when your baby is ill.

Use this resource to learn how to care for your baby at home, when to call your GP, when to discuss with your midwife, health visitor or pharmacist and when to contact the emergency services.

 Live Well in Pregnancy Guide 

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