Healthwatch Thurrock Annual Report 2017-18

As we look forward to 2018/19 our operational plans will be to increase our ambassadors in more areas building on the successes of the past year and become even more integrated in the community that we represent.


This year, Healthwatch Thurrock played a crucial role in a large change initiative; Sustainability and Transformation Partnership Plan (STP).

This will see a very different way at organising Health services across Thurrock and will impact on all residents. As such, the need to understand the community voice is vital in shaping and consulting on the proposed changes. Full details of what was gathered and our methodology are shared later in this year’s report.

Our small team at Thurrock have worked tirelessly this year in reaching wide to raise awareness about the STP along with other targeted projects.

Within the report you will see examples of the Healthwatch Thurrock activities and the groups that we work with including increasing the membership of Patients Participation Groups and sourcing ambassadors for Healthwatch.


  • 5000 Copies of the STP consultation document distributed to the community
  • 1753 People engaged through social media channels.
  • We have run monthly drop in sessions in all Community Hubs across Thurrock reaching out wide but keeping it local
  • Our reports have tackled issues ranging from GP services to Social Care
  • We’ve given 427 people information and advice


If you need this report in a different format, please email or call 01375 389883 .

Healthwatch Thurrock Annual Report 2017-18

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