Dental Services in Thurrock 2019

Through anecdotal discussion from service users and residents, a need to better understand Dental services for both Children and Adults living in Thurrock was identified in Autumn 2018.


Coupled with this anecdotal information and with evidence suggesting that Oral Health is often one of the areas paid the least attention to, Healthwatch Thurrock has collected views and evidence from Parents, young people, Care Staff and residents in Care homes, information from LD clients.

Forty three community groups were consulted to establish the suitability of the Dental services provided in Thurrock.

Public Health England was keen to work with Healthwatch Thurrock to further evaluate the Thurrock provision and ensure this provision meets resident’s needs. The results have been discussed with PHE Dental services and Healthwatch Thurrock has been invited to present this report to The Essex Oral Health Committee.

Key Findings

  • Most children begin oral hygiene routine is between 6-12 months and that a high percentage (79%) brushed twice a day.
  • Half of all staff run sessions for dental health for children within the children’s centres and over a third (36%) ran adult sessions.
  • Reasons why Thurrock residents are not registered with a dentist, the top reason (23%) people do not have regular check-ups was “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it”.


If you need this report in a different format, please email or call 01375 389883 .

Dental Services in Thurrock 2019

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