Brighter Futures 2019

Healthwatch Thurrock was asked as an independent organisation to gather the views of children and young people, carers and parents about their experiences of using the Brighter Futures services.


With the use of a targeted survey provided by Healthwatch Thurrock, 1000 users of Brighter Future Services were consulted via a paper and online survey. In line with GDPR guidelines and to protect anonymity, the surveys were either sent out by Brighter Futures or users invited to complete via social media channels.

All survey responses were received by Healthwatch Thurrock. An option to speak face to face with Healthwatch Thurrock was also offered.

The survey focused on several areas including;
• The service accessed
• The sessions accessed
• Referral route
• How supportive and good the service was
• What could have been better
• Invitation to make suggestions for improvement

Key Findings 

  • Some respondents had accessed more than one service area eg: Children’s Centre or preventative support services. Most respondents selected they had used a Children’s Centre service or accessed a Preventative Support service at a Children’s Centre.
  • From the surveys, 93% of responders had visited and used a service delivered by or at a Children’s Centre.
  • Most of the responders did not disclose how they had first known about services. Of those that did, the majority had been recommended (48%). The second highest was through referral by a GP or school (18% and 10% respectively) and lastly 24% had seen information online.
  • Overall the impact of Children’s Services was very positive. Lesser information was given by receivers of Prevention and Support services, however, there were no negatives measured around support for any service.
  • Collectively the survey responses painted a picture of support, value and usefulness of all activities and gathered some ideas for improvement to the current offer.


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Brighter Futures 2019

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